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Shakti Kirtan

Honouring the Divine Feminine

For the past ten years, I have practised the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo.  This is a yoga of deep surrender to Shakti Ma, the Divine Mother.  

My own way of surrendering to Shakti is through the heart; the path of love and devotion.  Over the past few years I have expressed this in mantra and song and have found it to be a powerful and beautiful way of connecting with Shakti.  The practice has also helped me to connect with and use my true voice.

With the encouragement of my teachers, I am now offering intimate kirtan spaces for women.  These are delicious times for connecting with our inner and the outer goddess through mantra and gentle Yoni Shakti Womb Yoga.  

Kirtan is a deeply healing practice and can allow deep emotions to move and release.  All feelings are therefore welcome, including tears.  Often the release of tears delivers us more fully into a sense of love.

All are most welcome including those new to this practice.  Please click below to see my latest offerings.

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