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Women's Initiation Coaching

Ignite Your Sacred Feminine

From time to time I offer a limited number of trauma informed 1:1 spaces for women committed to reconnecting with their Divine Feminine.   

Our sessions will include but are not limited to Yoni Shakti Womb Yoga;  Restorative Movement; Mantra; Transpersonal Coaching; Yoga Nidra and Cyclical Wisdom.

Working with me will allow you to:

  • Recover your voice and creativity

  • Express your gifts in the world

  • Establish deep connection and trust in your intuition

  • Activate your Shakti source power

  • Identify, integrate and illuminate fears, limitations and blocks

  • Understand and harness the wisdom of cycles whatever your life stage.

  • Move through menstruation and menopause as opportunities for transformation

  • Learn to set healthy boundaries and value yourself

  • Honour your sexuality and prioritise pleasure

  • Inhabit your body with compassion and love

  • Welcome rest and wellbeing as the foundation of your life

  • Embrace fun, joy and play as well as tending grief and sorrow

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It's really important to me that I work with women who are ready for transformational change and who are truly committed to connecting with the Divine feminine. 


I am particularly interested in supporting women who are called to be part of creating positive change and disruption in the world.

Please book a call so that we can explore whether we are a good fit.  I look forward to hearing from you.

With Love, Seraphina xxxx

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