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Words of Appreciation

Stella Photo.jpeg

Working with Seraphina has been a profound and deeply transformative experience.  What she brings to our Shakti Yoga Class cannot be adequately conveyed in words, as experience is necessary to truly understand the magnitude of her gifts.  Seraphina has a purity of heart and intention, an outstanding ability to hold space and a high level of skill in authentically transmitting yogic and spiritual teachings.  Seraphina has a free flowing, melodic expression, reaching the hearts, minds and souls of people of all ages and from differing cultural, social and spiritual backgrounds.    Seraphina's energy, presence and knowing are gifts that are at the source and bedrock of all of her offering, which ultimately, are acts of service.

Stella Magal

Lizzie Photo.jpeg

I've been attending the Shakti Yoga class for just under four months and in that time working with Seraphina has enabled me to appreciate my femininity more and to feel more comfortable with taking up space in the world.  Every session is different but with a growing theme and can include movement, breath, poems, mudras, folklore and ceremony.  We always work with what our bodies need so we can all be doing slightly different things.  I leave feeling nourished, calm but empowered.  Working with Seraphina is like having your own personal goddess on tap.  Highly recommend.

Lizzie Orr

Suzie Photo.jpeg

Having been around the personal and spiritual growth movement for 30 years, I can truly say that Seraphina is a gifted teacher and facilitator who holds space with warmth, skill, authenticity, integrity and humour.  So I would highly recommend her welcoming and well held groups to anyone..... especially those how are wary of groups for whatever reason!

Suzie Neville

Image by AARN GIRI

Seraphina's yoga and womb healing classes have had a profound effect on my post menopausal journey.  I am embracing my womanhood with a new understanding and appreciation.  The potent mix of mudra, yoga and goddess teachings expertly delivered create a very special experience.

Steph Ball

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